The Medlin Law Firm

Attorney Endorsements

“Gary is a gentleman and a scholar who helped me out recently when I was in a bind and needed some help on a case that had some Texas implications. He was Johnny on the spot, interrupted his weekend, and followed through perfectly. I am glad not only to call him a colleague, but also my friend.”

Scott W. DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

J. T. DUI & DWI Attorney

“I have known Gary Medlin for the better part of the past 20+ years. Highly intelligent and super conscientious, Gary genuinely cares about taking care of the rights of his clients. Further, his personal and professional integrity is beyond reproach. I would trust him with any referral involving a criminal matter. If for whatever reason, he believed that due to his caseload, time constraints or any other limitation that he was not the best possible attorney for the case, I know he’d make sure the client got into the hands of the person best equipped to help. In short, my endorsement is simply unequivocal.”

M. Krugler Lawsuits & Disputes Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Tom H. Divorce & Separation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Gary Medlin is a “stand-up” criminal lawyer and the “go-to” lawyer in Tarrant County for ALR hearings. I have regularly hired him as local counsel in Fort Worth and I will continue to do so.”

Lawrence B. Criminal Defense Attorney

“I have known and worked with Gary for many years. He is an outstanding advocate for his clients and is extremely knowledgeable.”

Sherry A. Criminal Defense Attorney