Chiropractor After A Car Accident

It happens all the time: someone gets into a car accident, the police and paramedics arrive, you’re trying to explain to the paramedics that you feel some unusual discomfort, but your pain tolerance is high, so you can’t really express that you’re in a lot of pain or have something that warrants an emergency.  The problem here is that you could very well have a musculoskeletal problem that isn’t acutely present, or won’t show up in the form of pain until something moves.

There are a few situations where you can experience pain after you get into an accident or increase in severity after.

Normal Injuries

A few people experience agony and pressure immediately. For others, the indications may increase after some time.

Regardless of whether the effect happens from the front or the back, your neck is normally the most helpless zone of your body in any vehicle. Auto crashes include quick changes in increasing speed and deceleration. Your body is kept moderately still by a safety belt, while your head and neck are allowed to move freely.

This brings about the neck moving quickly through a wide scope of movement, adding to hyperflexion-hyperextension wounds that can influence delicate tissues in the neck, and in addition joints and vertebrae. Whiplash is the name frequently connected with this category of injuries.

Side effects from whiplash may incorporate any or all of these injuries:

Neck inflammation and damage, arm injuries, nerve damage, headaches/migraines, loss of balance, absence of focus or clearness of thought, stress, uneasiness, jaw injuries, and even spinal damage.

Getting a Chiropractor

All of these injuries will vary based on severity, but one thing you should do immediately is call a chiropractor after a car accident.  Why?  A chiropractor works with both long-term pain management and emergency pain management.  They specialize in musculoskeletal injuries—this includes nerve damage, as well.  You should exhaust all your options, rather than just depending on one form of physical therapy.  If you visit and contact one of their chiropractors, you can get a free quote to get a full physical assessment to see how they help heal your pain and speed up your recovery process.

How Post-pain Process Works

It’s recommended that you avoid exerting yourself and getting as much rest as possible immediately following an accident.  A chiropractor can’t begin any adjustments until inflammation of the joints and tissues, particularly connective tissues, has subsided.  This can take two to three days, on average.  If you ignored any symptoms of pain and went for an adjustment, it could cause more pain and/or damage tissues.  When pain is fresh, muscle spasms can occur and cause more pain and discomfort.

This is often referred as the pain-spasm cycle, which is what makes recovery times last for so long.  A chiropractor will recommend a routine of cold compresses and warm baths to essentially massage the pain away.  Lying down is important for taking the strain off the joints and injured areas of muscles.

Chiropractic Healing

Once all the inflammation has subsided, you can begin the healing process by visiting a chiropractor to start doing adjustments.  This will start with just some basic ranges of motion to see if mobility is a problem.  These adjustments will be accompanied by exercise to avoid weakening muscles.  Strong muscles are important for taking the stress, therefor pain, off of the joints and connective tissues.

It is not uncommon for muscle spasms to resurface with patients who do not get chiropractic care and instead rely only on pain killers.  This means a resurfacing of pain that originated after the accident, restarting the pain-spasm cycle all over again.  Eventually, this pain becomes chronic and could lead to bigger problems.  This is most common in spinal injuries, where it takes a very long time to heal and the supporting muscle groups can weaken from not being able to reduce inflammation and pain.

Don’t hesitate and don’t gamble with your long-term health.  Call one of our highly-skilled chiropractors in Colorado Springs ASAP if you’ve been in a car accident!

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