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Highlighting the DWI Blood Draw Process in Texas

If you have been accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas you may face a bewildering array of tests. The DWI blood draw process is the most physically-invasive test as well as the most reliable one. However, there are improper procedures that can skew results. There are numerous uncertainties. The Texas blood test should be carried out as soon as possible after the time of driving, to be reliable… Read More

Fort Worth Man is Sentenced to 15 Years for Sixth DWI

Multiple DWIs can land you behind bars for long periods of time. Recently, a man from Fort Worth was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his sixth DWI driving conviction. A report in the Cleburn Times-Review noted William Paul West was pulled over by a Texas State Trooper. He crashed his car into a utility pole in southern Parker County off of U.S. Highway 377. A judge in Parker… Read More

Texas to North Carolina Drug Pipeline is Shut Down

Smuggling drugs can be big business carrying massive federal penalties. In late 2017, authorities claimed they bust a Texas to North Carolina drug pipeline. The arrests of 20 people followed an 18-month long investigation into drug trafficking from Texas to North Carolina. A report on ABC11 noted the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation probed an alleged drug-selling operation from April 2016 to October 2017. They claimed the group was… Read More

Spate of Bank Robberies Impact Austin Violent Crime Stats

A relentless rise in violent crime in America’s cities was not sustained in many locations in 2017. However, violence still appears to be increasing in Texas’ capital according to Austin violent crime stats. A series of bank robberies is linked to the increase. A report in the American Statesman noted the number of violent crimes in Austin rose by about 3 percent over 2016 figures. However, the figures were only… Read More

Heat and Hurricanes Shaped Texas Criminal Law Reform Agenda in 2017

The criminal reform agenda was active in Texas in 2017. Climatic factors like heat and hurricanes also had an impact. After Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas in the summer of 2017, five Texas prisons were evacuated. A report in The Nation noted some inmates were left with little food in unsanitary and flooded prisons. Hundreds of evacuated inmates ended up at a notoriously hot prison that was already… Read More

Texas’ Death Row Population is Falling

Texas again led the nation in the number of executions carried out in 2017 but the death row population of the state is falling. The decline in inmates on Texas’ death row continues a decades-long trend, reported the Texas Tribune. It’s a trend predominantly caused by fewer new death sentences and an increase in reduced punishments in recent years, according to information released at the end of 2017 by opponents of the… Read More

What Were The Key Criminal Justice Reforms of 2017?

Key changes and criminal justice reforms were seen in 2017 as a new administration took a tough stance on crime and immigration. The arrival of the Trump administration meant the appointment of a new attorney general. Jeff Sessions outlined a tough approach to offenses like drug crimes. He directed federal prosecutors to seek the harshest charges possible in criminal cases. Sessions said prosecutors must charge the most serious “readily provable… Read More

Bail Reform May Dominate 2018 Crime Agenda

Bail reform has been enacted in a number of states. The momentum is likely to continue into 2018 as more legislatures retreat from cash bail systems. Ohio has joined the list of states considering bail reform. Legislation was introduced by two Ohio state representatives in late December. It could lead to fewer defendants being held in the state’s jails merely because they can’t afford the cost of bail. Rep. Jonathan… Read More

Teen From Fort Worth Will Be Tried as an Adult in Homicide Case

When serious crimes occur a teen offender may be tried as an adult. This was the case in late 2017 with a 16-year-old Fort Worth youth accused of killing a teen with a hammer. A report on WFAA stated Judge Tim Menikos reached the decision over Jordon Roache after a four-hour hearing Roache is accused of using a hammer to kill a Bedford teen. He was certified to stand trial as… Read More

Why the Female Prison Population of Texas is Rising

The number of arrests of women has fallen in Texas but the state’s female prison population is growing. This curious fact was recently highlighted in a Dallas Morning News investigation in the summer of 2017 about what happens to children after a mother’s arrest. The investigation found that the number of women in county jails across that state who are awaiting trial has risen about 50 percent since 2011, reported KUT… Read More