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Investigation Finds Defaulting on Renting Furniture Can Land You in Jail in Texas

Texas has a formidable reputation for locking up defendants. Although the state has moved to reduce its prison population in recent years there are some obscure ways you can be locked up. These include defaulting on the renting of furniture. Recently, an investigation found that while most businesses use civil remedies when customers fail to pay their debts, the rent-to-own industry has its own special tool under Texas law that… Read More

Texas Executed Mexican Despite International Outcry

Texas executed a Mexican national in the fall of 2017, despite an international outcry. Death row inmate Ruben Cárdenas was put to death despite a spate of 11th hour appeals and objections from his home country and United Nations human rights experts. The execution went ahead on Nov 8, reported the Texas Tribune after the Supreme Court denied appeals made on behalf of the death row inmate. Cárdenas gave a… Read More

Crimes at Stores – Man is Sentenced to Five Years for Using Fake Gift Cards at Wal-Marts

Over the holidays, crimes at stores typically spike in Texas and elsewhere. While shoplifting is one of the most prevalent offenses, stores may also be hit with other types of offenses. Some of these carry heavy sentences as evidenced by the case of a man who was sentenced to five years in prison for using fake gift cards in North Texas. A report in the Star-Telegram noted a Cuban man… Read More

Tarrant County’s Felony Alcohol Intervention Program is Threatened by Underfunding

People convicted of drunk driving in Tarrant County may have underlying alcohol problems. The county is unusual in Texas in having a four-year alcohol intervention program. It’s a program that has its champions but is threatened by chronic underfunding. In a recent interview, The Star-Telegram featured Farris Hamideh, a self-confessed “binge alcoholic” who was arrested three times in nine years for DWI. Hamideh’s life was turned around by his participation… Read More

Cedar Hill Man Faces Murder Charge for Shooting Neighbors Who Sprayed Water on his Car

In some cases, a trivial dispute or a falling out can lead to sudden violence. Police say a man fatally shot a neighbor and critically injured two others because they sprayed water on his vehicle. The incident happened in Cedar Hill south west of Dallas in October 2017. The Star-Telegram reported Danny Howard Silvers was charged with murder over the alleged killing of Jeri Lee Edwards, 60 in Cedar Hill.… Read More

Three Police Officer DWI Mistakes

When motorists are pulled over for a suspected DWI, they may not always realize their rights or pick up on instances when police officers are making a mistake or following improper procedures. However, police officer DWI mistakes occur more often than people realize. Here are three major police officer DWI mistakes. 1 Stopping a Suspect Without Sufficient Cause Stopping a suspect with insufficient cause is one of the leading mistakes… Read More

Inmate in Parker County Dies Hours After DWI Arrest

Deaths in police custody occur too often in Texas and there is often little information about the cause. Recently, a DWI inmate in Parker County west of Fort Worth died after she was found unresponsive in her cell. A report in the Star-Telegram noted the woman was in Parker County Jail.  The woman was found to be unresponsive in her cell in November. She died at a hospital in Weatherford,… Read More

Texas DWI Suspect Drives Into Lake to Avoid Police

On occasions, suspects accused of driving while intoxicated will take extreme measures to evade the law. In a recent case, a driver was arrested after driving into a lake. A report on ABC12 noted police in Arlington said officers gave chase to suspect Daniel Basham after getting reports that an impaired driver had struck another vehicle. As a police officer pursued Basham, the 40-year-old man drove his vehicle into Lake… Read More

Crime Falls at Many East Texas Colleges

Crime at universities and colleges has made lurid headlines in recent years. However, a series of reports point to recent falls in offenses at East Texas colleges and other academic institutions. Although rapes make most of the headlines, college crime is typically of a less serious nature LeTourneau University doesn’t see much major crime, campus Police Chief Michael Schultz told the Longview News-Journal. The university’s most pressing crime issue is… Read More

Texas Wants to Make It Easier to Fire People With Criminal Records

People with criminal records find it difficult to obtain or retain employment in Texas at the best of times. A serious offense on your record may render you unemployable. Even a misdemeanor like a DWI can seriously impact your future. Recently, The Nation, noted how a major change for employees with a criminal record may be underway. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 blanket employment discrimination based on… Read More