Our client had a prior felony conviction and was looking at a minimum of 15 years in prison if convicted of possession with intent to deliver cocaine. Police officers had a tip that he was in possession of cocaine and knocked on his door. They claimed that the client allowed them to come in where they then saw cocaine in plain view and arrested him for possession with intent to deliver. At trial we showed that our client had told… Read More
Our client was in court accepting probation for possessing a controlled substance. After appearing before the judge and meeting with a probation officer, she drove home. On the way she fell asleep and drifted onto the shoulder of the highway, running over a man who had parked on the shoulder with car trouble, killing him instantly. Our client was arrested on the scene and taken to a hospital for a blood test which showed she had valium in her blood.… Read More
Our client was stopped for a traffic violation and admitted to having a few drinks earlier. The client did okay on the field sobriety tests, but was arrested and submitted to a breathalyzer test – the result was .14. We were able to show the jury how unreliable the breathalyzer is and how the particular breathalyzer machine used on our client had some problems. The jury found our client not guilty. Read More
It was Christmas time and our client was going to walk to a holiday party. He stopped at his neighborhood convenience store to buy a scratch-off ticket – and was a winner! Just then a gang member walked in and pointed a gun at the store owner and demanded the cash. The gang member then pointed the gun at our client and told the client to grab the cigar box of money. The gunman shot the owner dead, and the… Read More
Our client worked in air conditioning service and repair. He was stopped for a traffic violation and admitted to having a couple of drinks earlier. He did terribly on the DWI sobriety tests and looked to the police and prosecutors to be very intoxicated. He was arrested and charged for DWI. At trial, we were able to show that the client had some injuries and a bad back, was overweight and that the field sobriety tests were not fair for… Read More
Our client was stopped as he pulled into a taco restaurant drive through late in the evening. After admitting that he had a few beers earlier, the police officer had our client do the DWI field sobriety tests. Even though our client did well on those tests, but not perfect, the officer arrested and charged our client for DWI. Our client submitted to a blood test which came back as .20 alcohol. At trial, we showed the many possible mistakes… Read More
The client had delivered over 100 pounds of marijuana to an undercover officer and had prior drug arrests and probations and was looking at a possible long prison sentence for delivering drugs – potentially a life sentence. We had demanded, prior to the trial, disclosure of any confidential informants or snitches used by the police and any deals, promises of leniency or grants of immunity given to such persons. The prosecutors represented to the court that no CI’s nor snitches… Read More
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