How Does Your Experience And Personality Influence The Outcome Of A Criminal Trial?

Our reputation is extremely important, and plays into the process greatly. In fact, because of our reputation, and the attorneys at our firm we have over fifty years of experience, because we fight cases frequently, and because we go to trial often. We win cases...

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What Are The Important Things That People Should Know Prior To A Jury Trial?

The first and most important thing they should know is the exact level of offense they are charged with, and what the possible punishment range is going to be. For example, a Class a misdemeanor, the possible punishment is up to a year in jail,...

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Can Someone Even Afford To Go To Trial?

It is taken into account whenever the client first engages our services, if they can afford to go to trial, because what we typically do is we charge a flat fee. That takes care of the case all the way through resolution. If the client...

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What Happens To Someone If They Refuse A Blood Or A Breath Test?

If they refused the breath or blood test, then that refusal can be used as evidence at trial. The prosecutor likes to say, “That person refused the breath or blood test because they know they are guilty”, well that is not true. You have a...

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Is The Original Plea Offer Completely Off The Table If Someone Decides To Go To Trial?

That can be the case and frequently the general procedure is if a plea bargain is rejected and the case goes to trial then that plea bargain is no longer available. Depending on what happens at trial, and if a person is found guilty at...

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What Happens To The Driver’s License in a DWI case?

Once you are placed in the back of a police car, and placed under arrest for a DWI, they will ask you to submit to a breath or blood test. The officer gets to choose either one or both. If you refuse to submit to...

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Are Most Criminal Trials Jury Or Bench Trials?

A client always has the right to a trial by jury. It is six jurors in a misdemeanor case, and twelve in a felony case in Texas. The right to jury can be waived, and in some cases where we feel confident that the judge...

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Are There Therapy or Counseling Options After a Fort Worth Criminal Trial?

Quite often, when we are preparing for trial, we may have the client do some counseling, or go through some type of treatment. That may not have anything to do with whether they are found guilty at trial, but it can sometimes be very helpful...

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